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I work with retail partners to help you find (almost) any wine you’re in search of. Send me a direct email or use the contact form to let me know what you are looking for. No request is too small… though some requests may be too big depending on availability – but, hey, it never hurts to ask!

Longer than a marketing email but still a quick read, a Featurette is a way of providing a little more context around a wine offer. I’m happiest helping people find wine to enjoy; so most of what I write about can also be sourced.

Bucklin Old Hill Ranch Vineyard
A visit with Will Bucklin at one of the oldest field-blend Zin vineyards in California.

To The Table
Six most recent memorable wine experiences.

Convive Wines
From my neighborhood to yours, the monthly round up of new wine offers.

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My retail partners deliver/ship anywhere in New York state and to other states when permitted. Please see the shipping policy for more details.

Client Services

I can help…
you find wine – Looking for wines featured in my articles or something else entirely? Looking for advice on what to buy, cellar, or drink? I work with retail partners in various markets to help source what you’re hunting for.
provide written content – Wine marketing, sales and educational content can be a challenge to produce. I have over ten years of experience writing articles, newsletters, email offers and sales material. I can produce unique copy, editing and strategy tailored to your program.
design your wine list – I can offer one-time or intermittent help designing a wine list or boutique store selection. I can tailor a list or selections to target your audience, meet your budget, and connect you with suppliers who will help you maintain inventory.
plan an event – Reach out if you need help producing a successful tasting, dinner or seminar event. I can also assist with wine study, workshops, and lead social or educational tastings. I am available to travel for these events. 
Email me with nature and scope of your project and for more information on cost of services. Wine pricing is standard retail with no extra charge, and wine purchases are processed through licensed retailers.